Easter Story Eggs

What we used, and what it represented:

1 - Blue ball: God created the earth and sin entered. We needed
a Savior.
2 - Baby Jesus (from our Christmas nativity scene): God sent His Son,
Jesus, to be our Savior.
3 - Goldfish: Jesus was a fisher of men, fishing for faithful followers.
4 - Band-aid: We needed Jesus to heal our wounds.
5 - Small robe (off of our friend, Yoda, from Star Wars :) ):
The soldiers didn't believe the truth and gave Jesus a robe to wear,
mocking Him for saying He was a king.
6 - Nails: Jesus was nailed to the cross
7 - Coins: The soldiers cast lots for Jesus' clothing
8 - Cross: Jesus died, so that we would forever be forgiven. It was "finished."
9 - Rock: Jesus was buried in the tomb, and a giant rock was rolled
in front. He could not escape.
10 - Empty Egg: 3 days later, they came back to find that the tomb was empty!
11 - Cotton Ball: Jesus returned to Heaven on a cloud, and He will
one day return to earth on a cloud.
12 - Blue ball: Followers of Christ will forever live with Jesus in the new Heaven
and new Earth, void of any sin.

Lord, save all of our precious boys.
Make Your face known to them at an early age,
and keep them from ever
straying from the knowledge of the Truth!


Anonymous said…
We join you in this prayer. It is what we prayed for you, Adam, & Brian.

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