Hakuna Matata!!

I am currently sitting in a hotel in Grapevine, TX with my 3 little boys me, my husband, and I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right. We are ALONE!! The room I am sitting in at the moment is silent! I can actually hear the cars passing by outside, and I can sit and think (about NOTHING if I want to! haha) My parents bought us a 2-night stay at this hotel as a graduation present, and we are SO thankful. It is the first time post-children we have ever been away as a couple without the kids. Of course, we already miss our boys, but thank You, Jesus, for giving us this time to rest, with no worries for the rest of our days a couple of days anyway :)

Congratulations to my amazing husband for making it through 3 years of Chiropractic school, for graduating TOP of his class, and for still managing to be a loving, present Dad and husband throughout all of it. You are the world's greatest. Of that, I am sure :)


Paula Hill said…
Congrats to Derek AND you on his graduation! Enjoy the much deserved time together. Remember if you need "Aunt Paula"...I am only a phone call away. Ok, well perhaps a fews hours drive in the car or a plane ride. ha! But I can get there if needed! Love and Hugs to all!
Jessica said…
Woo-hoo! Congratulations Derek!!! How impressive. I'm glad you guys got to celebrate!

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