Parking in Tennessee

No, not THAT kind of parking! This park is probably the best park I've ever seen. Certainly not up to safety standards but the best variety of play things, jungle gyms, water that's accessible but not too deep, etc. etc. Justus' favorite thing here was the miniature zip line. He probably did the thing close to 50 times. Boy is getting strong, active, and tough.

This was Titus' favorite climbing structure there. The circles move as you climb along, so it's just like on a video game. He was so fast...

Eli of course loved the stream. We didn't bring a change of clothes, but who is to stop 3 boys wanting to play in the water with rocks and dirt and EVERYTHING!!

My friend, Jessica came with her husband, Brian. Here, they're checking out some "sea weed."

Can you see the duck flying away as fast as possible?
At least it ran FROM them and not AT them!

Even Grandbob got in on some sliding action.

Little Man got his feet in on the action :) He's getting so big!

And he climbs everything...

I love all these monkeys!


beth6241 said…
I love all of the pictures!! It looks like it was such a great time for all!! How in the world did Josiah get so big while you were gone???

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