10 months old

Ten Things I love about YOU!

1. You love to eat and have finally started chewing food! (Sorry, it just felt like that was never going to happen ;)

2. Your laugh

3. You are a good sleeper.

4. You love your brothers and always look around to make sure everyone is there. If we go to the park, play outside, or go for a walk, you are constantly scanning heads looking for each and every one of them!

5. Your goofy personality

6. You are content in just about every situation.

7. You love to be outside.

8. You wave with both hands at the same time.

9. When you see something you want, you put your head down and crawl SO fast.

10. You are simply adorable...you are still our baby (even if you ARE two months away from being A YEAR OLD!)...and you make each and every one of us smile every day!


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