Four kids later

I used to use a fork and knife to cut up the baby's food into tiny pieces, now I use my teeth.

I never thought I would let my child scream and carry on in public, now there's no way I would waste all that time I spent getting all of the groceries I have managed to get while shopping, so you can bet I'm going to finish that trip while he cries!

I used to use a food processor for the baby's meals or even make special mushy things just for HIM, now I serve what I affectionately call "ABC" food (already been chewed, by me.) I boast in the good bacteria I am adding to their food.

I always wanted children who would obey the first time, behave in public, and speak clearly and politely to strangers. Now I hardly ever leave the house with my children.

I used to use Babywise, now I have four kids (Do I even need to expound on that one?)

I never thought I'd use the television as a babysitter. Now I know it's the only free one that is available at any given moment. And it hardly ever fails me.

I used to think I would be a beautiful, put together, always dressed and ready for anything mom...Did I shower today?

I have always wanted to homeschool, now I am weighing pros and cons daily until we have to make the final decision (probably at the last second.)

I always wanted to breastfeed past the one year mark. I have gotten pregnant every time when the current baby was around 10 months old and weaned within a couple months. Now, I am finally NOT pregnant, but I can't get my 10 month old to stop biting me. I've tried everything, but it seems he is going to be using a bottle. I am already planning my vacation :)

I never thought I would have a nice, big house with four little boys running around, the husband of my dreams to spoil me and love us so well, or a minivan in the garage and playset in the backyard to top it all off.

Never say never, always imagine what could be, and be sure you don't let your "used to's" get in the way of your "nows!"

Four kids later, I've learned a lot and look forward to growing even more :)


Nicole said…
Nodding and smiling while reading! It is funny how many little children can change plans quickly! I found your site when I was googling a book (about raising boys). Cute family!
chrissy said…
Anna- Loved this! You are so encouraging and so right! You know we are going on a cruise in September that I am sure there are still available spots left :)just sayin...
And to answer your thought...yes I am working on a blog post:)
We missed you all for the fourth but it looks like you had an awesome time. Love ya!

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