In the Name of Love Mercy

Well, I guess it's in the name of love, too :)
Spoiler alert for my mom: You're about to find out what you're getting for Mother's Day!!!

Ladies, this ministry was started by a mom blogger I follow. This amazing woman simply took a trip to Africa and couldn't come home and not do something about her feelings, her new-found love, and the burden that had been placed on her heart. Will you help support the Mercy House?

For Mother's Day, you can give your mom the beautiful gift of nothing...because, well, we don't need any more THINGS!! Flowers die, gifts pile up, and even the most meaningful, thoughtful purchases are really in excess when there are women (MOTHERS) in true need around the world. In this case, your mom will actually receive a beautiful card, explaining this amazing gift.

Check out this link. The post there will explain the details and instructions on how to go about supporting the Mercy House and giving your mom a meaningful Mother's Day gift this year.

You can also help support this ministry by donating any amount you choose on a monthly basis. If you're interested in that, go here!!


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