Why I blog

Blogging can take a lot of time and effort. When I sit up at night in my quiet house (usually with my sleeping husband next to me on the couch :) ) uploading pictures and videos and writing posts about our kids, what we have been doing, and what the boys have been learning, I have to say, I just enjoy it. Blogging is an outlet for me...a therapy, in a way. I love taking pictures of my kids, but taking pictures of our activities for the blog also helps me enjoy the activities even more. I don't know how many people look at this or my other blog, but as much as I'd love to share ideas with other moms (since I've received so many ideas and so much wisdom from OTHER moms' blogs!), it really in the end doesn't matter to me. I do want to create a keepsake for myself, my husband, and my kids. I will need to keep a log of our learning activities once we officially start homeschooling (which will be the main point of the other blog...and my reason for starting a second.) If you do read my blogs, I guess there is a little part of me that is happy. It's funny, because I am a pretty private, not looking to be the center of attention kind of girl. Putting my life, my day, my "current events" out there isn't exactly like me. Like I said, though, both of my blogs are there for me as outlets. I enjoy writing, I enjoy my kids and my way of life, and I mostly enjoy having just a little something for me! I hope you enjoy reading and getting ideas of things to do with your kids (if there is anyone out there reading this :) ), but most of all, I hope you will be inspired to do just a little something you enjoy...just because you enjoy it!


Tosca said…
I do enjoy reading your blog! Yours and a few others have inspired me to create my own. Thanks!

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