Easter Events

We're planning quite a few activities for the week leading up to Easter Sunday.
Some of these are for fun (the more cultural things that we want our kids to get to experience.)
And some of the things I have planned are learning activities...to teach them more about Jesus,
the reason for His crucifixion and resurrection, and the real reason we
actually celebrate Easter.

Take any ideas you want to and use them with your kids.
Some are my own original ideas,
some are ideas from other moms and from our church,
and a few are traditional Easter activities.

I'll probably post some of the more complicated activities
in detail on our other blog. Enjoy :)

1. Read the stories of Jesus' arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection out of
the Jesus Storybook Bible often.
2. Easter story eggs (I'm making our own version, so I'll post more about it
on the other blog.)
3. Dye eggs naturally, with ingredients found in our pantry and in nature.
(more about that, too, assuming it works :) )
4. Make Easter ornaments for our nature table branches.
5. Easter egg hunt with friends.
6. Make a crown of thorns out of sticks and talk about
how Jesus' crown hurt Him
7. Paint inside of egg carton to use for sorting activities, such as this one
8. Make shakers out of plastic Easter eggs, beans/rice, and glue

Looking forward to a great week with my 3 favorite little boys! :)


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