What our kids do all day

We are trying our best to raise our kids to use their imaginations, appreciate nature, learn things in every moment of the day, and be responsible for themselves, their family, and their things. This means that we have to strive daily to keep the TV off, keep them busy with activities and ideas, and expose them to things they might not have thought of on their own.

I would love to be a TV-Free family, but that is just not happening right now for various reasons. The little boys don't watch much, if any, but Justus gets "TV Time" once a day. I actually think it is benefiting him getting to have that one-time-a-day, because he's learning how to create his own rhythm. If he chooses to have that time in the morning as soon as he gets up, that means no TV the rest of the day. Tough for a four-year-old, but it's definitely teaching him responsibility, control, and moderation.

So what do our kids do all day?

Arts and Crafts
Play with cars and trains
Chase each other around the house
Dance to music
Help me clean

Play outside (as much as possible)

Play with their "guys"
Do Montessori activities like this
Have our next door neighbor over to play

Make things in their kitchen
and care for their stuffed animals

Make things in the kitchen with me
Write and draw
Dress up in their costumes

Do a lot of puzzles

Read together, by themselves, and with me

Play/Build with blocks

I'm not a huge fan of the kids watching TV first thing when they wake up.
I think it messes with their moods, starts their day off with images and words
already in their head (which didn't actually come from their head),
and generally sets the tone for a day of wanting to watch TV.
I can appreciate, though, that it means the rest of the day is left
up to our imaginations.
We DO love to go places, see new and exciting things, spend time together away from
our everyday setting, and explore things that aren't available at home.
I know, though, that if we ever do become a TV-Free family, I will have many
ideas under my sleeve, and my kids will already know how to spend their
time wisely just hanging out at home.

Here's to a simple life :)


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