A Little Bit about Little E

He can say Dada, Mama, Duhduh (Justus), Hi (one of his favorite), Hey, more (one of his firsts, the kid loves to eat!! "More" can mean eat, more, milk, or drink...Basically, he just wants something in his stomach :) ), hot, and ush (shoe)

When asked what animals say, he responds with rufrufruf, neigh, or some form or fashion of a growling sound for numerous different animals. The only animal noises he quotes correctly almost 100% of the time is a dog, lion, dinosaur, and horse. Every other animal noise is interchangeable.

He loves to play with measuring cups, and LOVES it when Justus and Titus get out all of my bowls and pots and big spoons and make meals using their Memory game cards, clothes pins, and whatever else they can find.

He is infatuated with his big brothers. He yells "Daaaaaaa, or HEYYYYYYYY" whenever he sees them after being asleep or away for awhile. He tackles Justus often, lays on Titus while Titus is getting his diaper changed, and wants to be wherever they are during any free time at home.

He is still very much a Mama's boy. I weaned him a few weeks ago, and it did not affect his attachment to me at ALL! I, too, get tackled whenever I sit on the floor.

If Derek or I are sitting on the floor, Eli will walk up to us, turn around, and back his little booty right into our laps, often with a book to read or some toy to play with.

After turning the TV on (often), he will go sit on the couch and watch the static for a minute, and then get up to go turn it off, and return to playing with his brothers. (I'm not quite sure I'm proud of this one!)

The thumb-sucking has increased, and Eli now sucks his thumb when he is sitting in his chair waiting for food, riding in the car, or sitting on the couch.

He will carry on a complete conversation with you about who knows what, and he will also talk to someone on a toy phone for quite some time, jabbering to them about something apparently very interesting. When he tells us something important, he will often point and really seem to know what he's talking about. Once, he kept telling me a story and pointing outside and I just kept saying, "Oh yeah?? Oh...okay! Whatever you say." I turned around a minute later, and he was bringing me his shoes.

He is a rough and tough all-BOY! He rolls around on the floor, falls off the couch and does not cry, wrestles with Justus and Titus and often is NOT on the bottom (but even when he is, he just grunts and laughs until he gets himself out of the pile.)

He loves to play in the cup and tupperware drawers and throw everything out of them all over the kitchen floor.

He follows directions amazingly well. He will throw trash away when you ask him to, close doors, stop getting into things when you tell him no (most of the time), and will bring things to you if you tell him to.

He is CRAZY and still has his whole-face smile that we have always loved!!!

Whenever I get the camera out, he stops/drops whatever he is doing and bolts towards me faster than I've ever seen him move. (Getting pics of him doing cute things for this post was NOT easy!)

He is a difficult child with a mind of his own, a temper that leaves us with headaches, and a determination to get what he wants that wears us out....but he is such a joy. He is funny, makes us laugh, and adds so much enjoyment to our family. We love you, Eli!!!!!


Anonymous said…
How cute!! I know he is a joy. I can't wait until we see him again....April! Wow! I know he'll be talking and change even more.

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