Cute Titus

Titus was taking a nap when we went outside to play today. Justus went inside to get some water for the plants, heard Titus, and invited him to come play with us. At first, he needed time to warm up to the bright sun.

It didn't take him very long to get busy taking turns with the watering can.

And soon after, he was making his little brother laugh...and making me smile :)

We sure do love this kid!
(That would be Derek you see in the background of the last picture...
at it again with another project,
paving the driveway!!!
We sure do love our hard working Daddy and husband, too!)


Anonymous said…
Titus, wonderful gift of God!!! Oh! And his daddy, an amazing guy....paving the driveway???!!! Wow!!!
Jessica said…
Paving the driveway?! Way to go Derek! Those pictures of Titus are so cute. I feel that same way when I first wake up.

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