A Day in the Life

6:00 am Hear Derek's phone vibrate on the windowsill. "It's a job," he says. I quickly realize my dear husband who I thought would be home this morning will not be anymore. He gets out of bed to get ready for his substitute job and kisses me goodbye. Now I know what it feels like to have a spouse "on call!" Oh well, at least we will have a little income for a change :)

6:30 Hear Eli saying, "Mama," very quietly, and realize he has been woken up (definitely a downside to Derek getting up early for work!) Decide to ignore him for awhile.

7:25 Justus is up...WOW!!! He never sleeps this late! He says he has to pee, and I say he can stay out of his room so he doesn't wake Titus up. Eli is pretty mad at this point and has gotten sick of playing in bed, so Justus and I go get him and head to the kitchen for breakfast. We have to leave in an hour for Justus' class at the Rec Center, so I tell him to eat and then brush his teeth and get dressed. (Love having an independent child who is able and willing, on most days, to do this compliantly!)

8:00 Titus is calling out, "MOM!! I'm soaking wet!!" Go in and see that he has unzipped the top half of his footie pajamas and somehow, his bed is soaked with pee, and there is not a drop in his diaper. Make a mental note that it is NECESSARY to wash whites today, so he will have a onesie to sleep in tonight to avoid the same problem again. (The boy has issues with this, and it drives me crazy...onesies are usually an easy solution.) Change his clothes, rip off the sheets, wet pillow case (WHAT?!), mattress cover, and bedspread, and ask Titus if he wants cereal or oatmeal this morning. He says oatmeal, and we head out to the kitchen. (At least one kid is already dressed for the day! The bath will have to wait until later!! yuck)

8:30 Everyone is dressed, hair fixed, teeth brushed, shoes on, and has toys in hand (even Eli grabbed a toy to take with him...He's so funny and thinks he is one of the big boys. He just watches, learns, and copies whatever Justus and Titus do. Justus has his Ninja Turtle, Titus has his Legos soldiers, and Eli has Optimus Prime...boys are the best.)

8:35 As I'm ushering everyone out the door, I smell a poopy diaper. Lay a protesting baby on the floor to do a quick change and we head out...5 minutes late is not bad at all!

8:45 Drop Justus off at his Rec Center class and see that Justus is the 3rd kid there today. Guess everyone is running late! Tell his teacher, Ms. Bobbie, that Titus will be joining the class for the next session, after he turns 3 on March 20. She is excited, but I'm sure thinking, "No way that kid is going to be 3." Hugs all around, and the little boys and I head out to run errands.

9:00 Stop at Sonic for a couple drinks, thanks to my husband leaving a little cash in my wallet :) Titus is very excited about getting an apple juice!!! Stop at Kohl's to return something and let the boys look at toys. Eli is very thankful to be getting out of the stroller to walk around. Pick out a couple CHEAP!!! puzzles for the boys (Kohl's really does have great sales!) Eli needs another diaper change, so we do that in the car and get back in our seats. Run over to Kroger's next door to return something there and get a couple of snacks for the week. (These kids really are actually starting to eat us out of house and home. It is amazing what they go through in a matter of one meal or one day.) Eli and Titus ride in the car together, which is a treat for Eli. (Both of the seats are usually occupied and he gets stuck in the cart sitting in front of me.)

10:25 Back to the Rec Center to pick up Justus. Titus and Eli love this part :)

10:30 Head home to open the puzzles and explain various rules involved (Be careful not to mix the pieces together, because that will get very confusing; Do not let Eli chew on these, or your puzzles will be ruined; If you mess up the other person's puzzle, yours will be taken away; etc. etc.) Have fun, boys!! :)

11:00 Begin to make lunch and realize that Eli is not going to be patient about it. He fusses at my feet and finally brings me some pineapples from the pantry. I heat up some leftover Applebee's vegetables for him from my and Derek's date night, and put him in his chair to snack on zucchini and broccoli. He is happy for now. I make some homemade mac and cheese for Justus and Titus, some leftover hashbrown casserole and tomato soup for myself, and tell everyone it's lunchtime. Eli is ready for his pineapples, and I dump some Goldfish on his tray as well (stepping in sticky syrup leftover from this morning's waffles while I'm at it. Nice.)

11:15 Get a call from my sweet husband and find out he is working with 3 and 4 year old kids with special needs today!! Hear a few stories and his thoughts on the morning so far, and hang up the phone thinking about how amazing and loving he is. He is really enjoying himself and has such a heart for kids with special needs.

After getting up and down to get things for everyone and then watching the boys all finish their lunches, I start clearing the table, realizing that I have barely touched my plate. Put the chairs up on the table (part of our clearing the table process, in an effort to keep Eli from climbing up onto the chairs and then the table.) Change diapers, lay Titus and Eli down for naps and send Justus to the bathroom to pee and then to his room for room time. He picks out a few toys to take with him, and I clean the kitchen, putting away leftover mac and cheese and eating some while I scoop it out of the pot. (I really need to have more solid meals throughout the day, I tell myself.)

12:00 Throw Titus' bedding from this morning into the dryer and put diapers in the washer. Sit down to write this silly post, knowing it is kind of a waste of time right now...but also feeling somehow that it is for some reason therapeutic and fun for me to do. (I think I will enjoy looking back at these things when I don't have these kinds of days anymore.) Stop writing for now to get at least some fruit and my vitamins into my system!!

1:45 Quiet is over. Justus is out of his room and wants a snack, then Titus and Eli both wake up. I am thankful for the time I had alone!! Dish up some snacks, refill cups with water, and get back to laundry. Help Titus with his puzzle, pick up some toys, write a to-do list :), and clean up Derek's hair-cutting mess from yesterday. He cleaned some of it up this morning before he left (thank you for that!!!!!), but I went to pick up the rest. I realize it is going to be more than just a sweeping job, so I close the door and make a mental note to finish during the boys' bath time tonight. Break up some fights, fold some laundry, wipe some noses, and change another poopy diaper on Eli (that's 3 now, if you're counting.)

3:00 Derek calls and asks if I have called the people about turning our power off for the tree cutting guys. (They were supposed to come tomorrow to finish off the other half of that still-standing tree, but are changing it to Thursday now b/c of the predicted snow tomorrow. We need to make sure we have power tomorrow now, and NOT Thursday...certainly don't want to mix that up and be sitting in a freezing house on the wrong day!) I go in our bedroom for a minute so I can hear him over a crying Eli who just wants me to hold him. I close the door, talk to Derek, and I hear Eli walk away, no longer crying. I hang up the phone, and crash onto the bed, realizing how tired I am. I also realize that I have not showered today...or yesterday, so I make another mental note to get that done sometime in the near future. Back out to the kids and laundry, and, of course, Eli resumes crying as soon as he sees me. Get Eli a cup of crushed ice pieces to suck on, and he is happy. Time to clean the kitchen.

3:30 Everybody bundles up and goes out to the porch to play. Now I can really clean the kitchen :)

3:45 Empty the dishwasher, load the dishwasher. Think I hear someone crying outside, but I ignore them in the hopes that I can finish this quickly. They'll either cry until I get there, come inside, or get over it. (or maybe they're just squealing with delight, right?) I turn the dishwasher on just as Justus is opening the door for Eli (the crying one.) Sit on the floor with all of them to share the ice cup and read some books. I love random moments like these. Eli is on my lap, and Justus is acting very teacher-like. He is learning so much! I think about how hard homeschooling is going to be. When will we ever get a moment to ourselves to work on school?

4:15 Titus continues "reading" to himself, while Justus fights invisible bad guys, and Eli tackles whoever happens to be within reach. I try to figure something out for dinner. (I have NO meat thawed, no meal planned, and not much motivation to cook...surprise, surprise!) Put up the gate in the hallway and lock everyone on that side of the house. Sneak in a minute of switching over loads of laundry and start some spaghetti (God bless the person who ever started producing boxed dried spaghetti noodles and jarred spaghetti sauce...not to mention frozen meatballs :) )

5:00 Sit down to eat. Wow, guess that's an early dinner! No one but Titus wants to eat, people are whining, complaining, and downright throwing fits, so Justus and Eli get sent to Eli's room to play...knowing there will be NO dessert for them. Titus and I (for once) are the only ones left at the table. He eats ALL of his spaghetti, 2 rolls, and decides he wants to go play as well. I get a few coupons cut out while I finish up my dinner. I clear off the table, then make Derek's plate of dinner and put it in the fridge while I eat MY dessert (I cleaned my plate, don't worry.)

5:45 I gather my cleaning supplies, everyone's diapers and clothes, and tell the boys it's bath time. (Thankfully, no one ever objects to bath time...except maybe me!) I wash everyone's bodies and hair and start cleaning. I quickly realize that the bathroom is going to be flooded if I don't get everyone out soon, so the cleaning is cut short. At least I got Derek's sink done!

6:30 Everyone is dressed, I am beat, Eli is ready for bed, so I decide to not cut everyone's nails...despite how desperately they need it. It will have to wait. Turn on "Tarzan" for Justus and Titus, go put Eli to bed, and TAKE A SHOWER!!! Come clean a little bit of the kitchen (not much) and sit on the couch with my boys to watch the movie. Ahhh, I don't think I'm getting up from this one.

7:30 My knight in shining armor is home. He heats up his own plate of dinner, eats, makes Titus' bed with the clean sheets, reads to the boys, and puts them to bed. He has had just as long of a day as I have, and still he takes over like it is nothing. He even constantly acknowledges how hard I work, even though on a day like today when I did so much, the house does not show it. I sure do love that guy! I get myself a bowl of cereal, make myself comfy on the couch, and chill until my "bedtime."


AND...THIS is why I think we are stopping with 2!! :)
Jessica said…
I LOVE reading stuff like this so thanks for taking the time to write it even though you clearly have no time! I told my mom how you said you felt like you are in survival mode and she said that she had felt the same way when she had all three of us little girls and she has no idea how she did it either. BUT I can tell you as a product of that type of mother, I am very thankful that she stayed home and did all the craziness and I'm sure your kids are too. You are super important and I'm glad that you got to take a shower at some point. Love you guys.

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