Not So Wordless Wednesday...

Justus and Titus went to the doctor today for a mandatory check-up for Mother's Day Out. Last time I took Titus to the doctor, I came home with some funny stories of crazy, "out there" comments made by the doctor and his assistant. (i.e. like the assistant telling me that maybe Titus had had so many colds recently b/c he is not, yeah, that makes a lot of sense.) Anyway, there were a couple of doosies (not quite sure that is how you spell that) today, so I thought I'd share.

Story #1:
The nurse walked us back to the first room to get the boys' weight, height, and temperature. She asked me LITERALLY 10 times which one was Titus and which one was Justus. I changed my answer numerous times to help her remember and get it in her head. I mean, I'll give it to's confusing. "Justus is the 3 year old. Justus is the oldest. Justus is the biggest. This one is Justus (tapping his head), and this one is Titus." (and so on...never mind the bracelets they have to wear on their wrists with JUSTUS AND TITUS written on their individual bands!!) Finally, she reached over to Eli to take his temperature???!!!!! Wow, scary huh?! Good thing I was with them the whole time, and good thing we weren't having anything major done!!!!! I think I would have left running!

Story #2:
Nurse: "Would you like the boys to have the [Leed] Test (pronouncing it leed, like with a long e sound)?"
Me: "The what test??"
Nurse: "The [leed] test"
Me: "What is that for?"
Nurse: "Um" long pause "It's for like if you move and get a new house and sometimes there might be things in the air." (or something to this effect)
Me: "uhh, no, I don't think there's any need for that." (still very confused, with the face, I'm sure, to prove it!)
Nurse: (after looking on the paper on the counter) "Oh, LEAD (pronouncing it correctly this time) Test...that's what it's called...LEAD test"
Me: hahahahahahaha in my head..."No, they don't need to be tested for that." (WOW)

Story #3:
Justus and Titus were about to get their fingers pricked to check their iron levels. Justus asked if it was going to hurt, and before I could answer, the nurse said, "No, honey, it won't hurt!!!" I quickly intercepted and said, "It is going to be a really fast prick, and your finger will bleed a tiny bit, and then you'll get a band-aid after you're finished. You can tell us if it hurt when it's over." Then, she pricked him, and he goes "OWW!!" Yeah, lady, that didn't hurt! I mean, seriously, why would she blatantly lie about it??! (That one made me mad and, once again, very glad that I was there!!)

Story #4:
Don't worry, this one is funny:)
It was Justus' turn to get up on the table for the doctor to check his heart, breathing, eyes, etc. The doctor turned his back to look at J's chart, and Justus climbed up on the table and laid right down on his back. I thought that was funny, but then Justus goes "Oh, whoops," and he flipped right over on his stomach...yep, positioning himself for an adjustment. Wrong doctor, Bud!

Anyone looking for a Pediatric recommendation? HA!!


Anonymous said…
great stories! all i can say is, who trained the nurse????, and OOOOOHHHHH MY!!!
That's just sad! Who DID train that nurse? She's making my profession look bad! PLEASE don't think all nurses are that incompetent...:)
Jessica said…
CRAZY stories and I'm so glad you were there!!!!!! did you find a new place?

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