Eli is 8 months old!!!!!!!!!

Talk about time flying by!! That statement, apparently, is especially true with the third child. I canNOT believe Eli is already 8 months old. Not only is he getting OLDER quickly, he is growing up in every sense of the word right before our eyes...

Eli can crawl like a maniac, and can be heard "sprinting" down the hallway whenever he hears the dishwasher door open (he loves to pull up on that and splash in the water on the open door), the shower turn on (he loves the shower curtain and the sound of the water...and he loves taking a bath), or the front door open and close (this boy is already getting attached to DADDY!!!) He walks (very slowly) while holding onto furniture and tries his best to reach and walk from one piece of furniture to the next. (Thankfully, his arms aren't long enough yet, and he's forced to crawl!!!) It looks like we're going to have to try extra hard to keep this one on his knees!

Eli, you are such a joy! Your smile alone has done amazing things in this family. If Justus wakes up in a bad mood, he starts smiling and laughing as soon as he sees you smile. Whenever Titus falls and gets hurt and needs to snuggle with me, YOUR sweet touch and smile is usually what makes him feel better. Daddy and I get over our stressed, worn out moods as soon as we hear you laugh and see you smile. You are growing up so fast, and your personality is quickly blossoming. I think you might actually be crazier than your big brothers, but at least we know you'll fit in ;) Praise God for your first 8 months of life. May the Lord grow you into a strong man of His!


Anonymous said…
Eli, I can't wait to see you and have you crawl around our house!! Maybe you'll start walking while you're here!!
Anna said…
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, he is not allowed to walk. He needs to crawl for as long as possible!!!!

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