A Day with DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We spent the day with Derek being home the entire day...it was so wonderful. We were at home almost the whole day, but we decided to go out this evening for a couple hours. We've wanted to take the boys to the DFW Founders' Plaza, and since we are experiencing a "cold front," it was the perfect day for it! It was pretty cool. The boys were excited to see the planes taking off and landing for a few minutes, but I think their favorite part was just being able to explore the big open field. We didn't stay long but plan to go back sometime for a picnic lunch/dinner. Here are pics of our time there and of the boys enjoying their ice cream from Braum's afterwards:)

The stone Derek and the boys are sitting in front of is very symbolic. I took a picture of the description of all the symbolism below:) Pretty interesting!


Jack said…
im glad you finally got a chance to stop and check it out. It certainly was a beautiful day for an outing.
Jessica said…
what a sweet day! You are such a cute mom. so young!
Jessi said…
It's so great to see a picture of YOU and the kiddos for a change!

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