Great American Cookout

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day! We had a classic cookout, complete with burgers, chicken wings, corn on the cob, and deviled eggs. The boys even went swimming with our neighbor before we ate...well, they slid into their kiddie pool about a thousand times anyway:) I didn't get pictures of the swimming fun, but here's a recap of our evening...

Titus, Justus, and Uncle Jack shucking corn

Making bbq chicken wings

Titus being silly for the camera, of course

No idea what's going on here:)

Yes, we did ALL sit at our little tables together!! haha



I promise Eli was there the whole time. He was napping for the first half of the night, a crank during dinner, and in bed by dessert. I'm pretty sure he's teething, because he is BURNING up today and is just not his little happy self. Anyway, that's why he's not in any of the pictures! Today is his six month "birthday," though, so hopefully I'll get pics of him today for that!

I forgot to mention that I also even washed my car while the boys were swimming...thanks to it getting EGG'D the night before!!! *sigh* It's okay. It was due for a wash anyway, and it just helped complete our good ol' American holiday. Happy belated Memorial Day!


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