Good morning!!!

Eli wakes up and plays by himself in his bed for awhile in the morning, but when Justus and Titus hear him talking or making his little squeaking noises, you'd better watch out! They both run in there so fast yelling, "Eli!!! Eli!!! Eli!!!" (Poor kid, haha) Here's a pic of the 3 of them in Eli's bed this morning. (Notice the mis-matched snaps on Eli's onesie...a result of a middle of the night, eyes closed (mine) diaper change:)) I love these boys so much and cannot believe how big they are all getting!

Titus is actually starting to eat more. I can't believe it. He is by no means a big eater or anything like that, but he is trying things I never would have imagined him putting in his mouth. (He ate a couple bites of my egg this morning, scrambled with cheese and turkey!!!) If you know Titus at all, you know how big of a deal that is. If Titus eats anything new, it is cause for a celebration! Even Justus said yesterday, "Titus doesn't like meatloaf. Titus only likes pizza and sandwiches and Arthur noodles." hahaha We've been making Titus sit in his booster seat for every meal, and we just put whatever we're eating on his plate and don't say anything at first. Then, if I'm making smoothies or something after dinner, we casually mention it and tell him he can have one if he'll eat his dinner. We've really been trying to increase his stomach size, so whenever he DOES eat a good meal, we throw in extra things at the end we know he'll like (yogurt, some type of bread, cookies, etc.) I know this all sounds boring, but I have to say I really was worried Titus might not ever actually eat new things!! I am excited!!!:)

Justus is such a sweet boy. He always has been, but it's so neat to hear him use his ever-expanding vocabulary to describe his emotions and feelings. Just the other day, he told Eli, "Oh, Eli, I love you so much, bud." I could have cried:) If Justus wasn't so rough with Titus at times, I think I would feel confident leaving him in charge while I ran a couple errands. haha He takes such good care of his little brothers. He herds Titus around when we are in public, he entertains Eli, he even told Titus about Jesus dying on the cross this morning. What a special boy.

Eli has changed so much in a matter of weeks! He is trying to crawl; he goes to sleep peacefully on his own and takes wonderful, long naps and stays asleep when we put him to bed until his middle-of-the-night feeding (all of which those of you who saw him in Memphis can attest to are a miracle in and of themselves!!), and he is so interested in touching (and tasting:)) everything he sees.

One more thing to say about Eli...I've been trying different foods off and on, and he's still not sure about it all, BUT I took a picture of him in the booster chair today and thought he was so big and cute:)......


Anonymous said…
Wonderful update!! What blessings those boys are! We miss them and you all sooooooooo much!! We can't wait to see what God has in store for them!! I know He has great things for each of them!!
Anonymous said…
Hey, did Justus get that "I love you so much, bud" from Dad? I know Dad says it to them a lot. So sweet!!

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