Eli is 6 months old!!!

Well, I really thought I would be writing that Eli is crawling when I wrote the 6 month post. Titus took his first "crawls" on his 6 month "bday," and Eli is just so close. Oh well, that's one less toddler to worry about! haha

Eli is the most smiley baby, still loves to be held all the time, and is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!! He's still in our room, so we can definitely hear him stirring and fussing a little bit during the night. I just kind of ignore it though, and he goes right back to sleep! Piece of cake! I never thought he'd be the easiest to night-wean, but that truly has been the case! Praise the Lord!!!

Like I said, he's not crawling, but he certainly gets himself around. He kind of crawls backwards, I guess you could say. He gets up on all fours, rocks and rocks, and then either throws himself forward or pushes himself backwards with his hands. It's pretty funny to watch. Eli weighs about 17/18 pounds (almost caught up to Titus now!!:)) and is about 26 inches long. (my measurements)

The twins:

Eli is half a YEAR old, and you know what I'm most excited about? He can finally go to the 24 Hr Fitness Kids' Club with us! Woohoo!!! To the gym we go....


Anonymous said…
So cute!! I'm so thankful that he's sleeping through the night! Yeah!!!

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