New pics of Eli

Well, we are drowning in snot, mucous, and phlegm here at the Frye house. We have all been blessed with stuffy noses, disgusting coughs, and watery eyes. Don't come near!!! haha We will most likely be watching a lot of TV today, which is good timing...Today is "Movie Monday" for Justus and me. Pray for us, and especially for Derek with his finals this week!!!!! Meanwhile, here's some recent pics of Eli:)...

Eli playing with Nugget (or the other way around:)

Getting HUMONGOUS for his little bathtub!!

I love the hoodie towels!

Eating the shower curtain while getting dressed

Hanging out with Taylor


Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear you are all sick...get well before Memphis! Ha! Ha! We'll be praying for Derek!!

The pics are great!! I think Eli is going to be the biggest of the 3 boys...maybe he'll be the tall one Derek has been hoping for!

See you soon!!!

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