Happy Belated Earth Day

Justus had school yesterday, and in honor of Earth Day, the kids took home Coleus seeds to plant and grow. Justus, Titus, and I planted the seeds today...we'll have to see about the "growing" part:) (There were 3 whole seeds in the packet along with others that had been crushed.)

I watched "Oprah" today, and I have to say I was pretty floored by the segment on all of the trash in the ocean. I wouldn't consider myself a very green person, but I do try to do some green things. After watching this show, however, I felt pretty convicted about the amount of trash we put out as a human race and am compelled to do something about our carbon footprint. They also had a short video clip of a dump, where they showed us the different types of trash found there...including things that could have been recycled (or Freecycled). The sheer amount of the trash (whether real "trash" or not) was astounding. I am working on ideas for our family, but even if you don't watch "Oprah," I would recommend this one. You'll think twice before grabbing anything disposable after watching it, I'll tell you that much!

Here's to taking care of our planet...Let's show God some gratitude and respect for creating it for us!!


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