Sunday football

During football season, we make our team selections each week, fill out a paper like the one above, and wait in anticipation for all of the games. The boys love circling each team as the final scores are made official. They actually fight over this piece of paper. Who gets to circle the teams, who gets to look at it to see who is in the lead, etc. It's a shame we're not more competitive around here. ()

Another fun part of our Sunday is relaxing and watching all the games. Yep, we watch football ALL day. Kids are kids, though, so of course they don't just sit on the couch to "watch" football….they play football in the living room, go outside to play football with Derek, and there are two in particular who like to look the part. 

Titus loves to dress up as mascots, and he also has taken on the job of dressing his little brother up :) Thankfully, this is the little brother who has an equal love of dressing up. 
They make a cute pair, don't they?!


Mimi/Jennifer said…
Wish we could watch together. Maybe we can at the beach!!

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