Are you ready for some football? These boys are!!

We are taking a break from baseball this season. Justus, Titus, and Eli are playing flag football, and Josiah is finally playing on a team. He has been dying to play soccer for as long as I can remember. He is on the Falcons…I'll post the Youtube video of that next! Here are some pics from football practice last night.

Football time = lots of stroller time snacking for this little girl

Josiah is so happy to be playing soccer this year!!
He still gets to tag along, though, to his brothers' football

Eli stretching it out

Not too sad about having all this space to run and play and dance!

Eli is on the Chiefs

As is custom, Derek somehow ended up coaching Justus' team…
the Packers!

Titus' team, the Patriots, getting a talking to by Coach Mark


Mimi/Jennifer said…
Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

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