Titus funny

Titus and I were cleaning the school room of the Lego madness that always takes over (we now do school at the kitchen table...go figure!) They save all of their legos directions (or "maps" as they call them), so we have a box designated just for those. Here is the conversation that occured while we were cleaning. 

Me: Titus, any maps you're not using, why don't you put those in the box. Just keep out the one you're using right now.
Titus: MOM!! I just thought of a great idea from what you said! Whenever we're playing with legos, we can just keep out what we're using and put the rest of the maps back!

Wow, what a brilliant idea. I wonder if anyone else has ever thought of that!!


Jessica said…
Hahahaha...He's a boy. Thought of that all by himself.


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