Maternity Clothes

You know when you get pregnant with your first baby? Most new moms can't wait to start showing and get into those maternity clothes!

With your second, you realize how frumpy most (ahem, affordable**) maternity clothes are, and you hold off pulling them out of storage. You use rubber bands on your jeans, pull out every pair of stretchy-waist pants you can find, and wear your normal shirts and just let it hug your belly.

By baby number three, you recognize the fact that maternity clothes are indeed in your near future, and you go ahead and give into pulling them out and putting on at least the nice stretchy maternity pants. (not to mention the fact that your belly pops out MUCH quicker with your third!)

And by the time you are pregnant with number four?? You get excited when you find out you're pregnant, if only because you get to get into those comfortable maternity clothes again and let that belly HANG OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Jessica said…
Hahaha. I want to see a picture of that belly!
Anonymous said…
Love it! ha! ha!
haha I certainly stretched those jeans and their rubber band as far as I could...the FIRST time! Who knows with the second! Looks like I'm exactly 2 weeks behind you (Aug 28). CONGRATS on NUMBER FOUR! Maybe you're due for a girl- what are the odds of four boys in a row?!

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