Mavs Mania

Oh, nothing new around here...just helping our boys dress up for the Mavs game like usual :)

It is definitely a family affair now. It started with Titus dressing up like Mavs man. Then, the boys took turns dressing up like Champ, Dirk, and even the Mavs Maniacs I think...maybe even the blue guys? I have lost count of how many times they have gone to a game in character. They have met mascots, gotten is hilarious. 

Tonight, Justus, Eli, and Josiah got to go with Derek.

Introducing Monta Ellis, Jr.
Eli is a big fan of Monta. One night, Eli was watching a Mavs game. No one else was in the room, but I was listening to Eli's intense enthusiasm from the kitchen. 

"WOOT! That's what I'm talkin bout, Monta Ellis!!"

(had I seriously just heard my 5 year old say that? Hilarious!!)

(You can't see it in these pictures, but Eli even has white tape on his fingers like Monta.)

Yes, we even bought a wig this time. 
Meet Little Dirk Nowitzki
We weren't even allowed to call him Josiah anymore.

And finally, one of our faves...Mavs Man
Justus was a sport about this. I don't think he's ever dressed up for a game. Or maybe he was a blue man once. Titus was sick tonight and couldn't go (Justus got to go alone with Derek last time, so he was going to sit this one out.) Justus was graciously taking Titus' spot, and he honored him by taking on the Mavs Man motif.

Have fun, boys!!!!!! 
(Like I even need to say that)


Scenes from the game...


Mimi/Jennifer said…
Way to go guys! You all look great! The Mavs even won!
I hope that Titus is well now. Love you guys! Mimi

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