Fun Facts

1. The laundry is piled so high in our bedroom that the wall is holding up the clothes towering above the top rim of the basket.
2. I do laundry once a week now. One full day. The rest of the week, it sits (see #1.)
3. My husband never stops moving...until he crashes in bed and falls asleep in 2 minutes when the day is done.
4. Today, Derek worked on his broken lawn mower, ran to the store for a part (taking Josiah with him),  coached Titus and Eli's baseball game, helped coach Justus' baseball game, played with the boys at home while I grocery shopped, worked on his lawn mower some more, painted a bathroom, helped a friend move, played baseball out back with our boys and the next door neighbor, finished painting the bathroom, and let Justus stay up late so they could play the Wii together. Makes you tired just reading that, doesn't it?
5. I am a blessed woman.
6. I am on a new budget, using an Envelope-type app on my phone to track my spending. My amazing husband thinks I deserve to have the freedom to spend whatever I want, whenever I want, since I am home with the kids all the time and have to deal with that stress. I think retail therapy is helpful, but can harm the bank account :)
7. I spent way more than I thought this month on groceries and way less than I thought on eating out.
8. When we sit down to dinner and the boys all eat a decent amount of food, I am shocked at how quickly the groceries are gone. I can't imagine how much I will spend on groceries 10 years from now.
9. I just realized it is almost midnight.
10. I can't believe we are going to do the baby thing again. 


Jessica said…
I love this post. I always feel like your lives are exhausting when I'm looking at pictures and am always amazed at how positive you guys are! Thanks for sharing the details!

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