Ice, 9 degree temps, and not feeling our toes

Yep! We took the plunge!! We got tickets to Madagascar Ice at the Gaylord (it’s all about hubby’s perks, right?!!)…so we decided to take the big boys. They had seen the sign for it awhile back and asked to go. I don’t know if we’ll go back (it seriously was extremely cold and was all over so fast, I wouldn’t pay for tickets to go), but at least we can say we did it!! I’ll be putting video on youtube, so you can check that out, too Smile
First, we got our giant parkas…
Then we got to see all of the awesome ice sculptures. So much color, so many lights, so much talent! It’s pretty amazing to see.
Finally, a few minutes of watching the trains…


Mimi/Jennifer said…
It's really awesome! We went a couple of years ago with Leslie & her husband. Freezing but amazing! My favorite parts were the slide and the nativity.
Jessica said…
I can't believe those are ice sculptures!!! And those parkas are huge! It looks like it was fun!

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