Eli's early birthday celebration (a Thanksgiving tradition)

Eli, Eli, Eli,
Boy, do we love you...
Words will never be able to describe the life we have had with you these past four years.
The challenges, the joys, the silliness, your sweet smile, your made up language and silly talk, your tongue out of your mouth when you do any focused activity, your flat hands and outstretched fingers when you run, the crying at the drop of a hat...
we will always know you as our emotion-filled child.
When you're happy, you're on top of the world.
When you're not...you're not :)
And now you are FOUR!!

(doing his turkey impression...GOBBLE GOBBLE!!)
Happy birthday, monkey (also known these days as Tank because you are so thick and have a head as hard as a brick :) ) You always give us something to be thankful for. We love you!!!


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