Dr. Fryes

Today, the boys were being my doctors (all 4 of them...I was in bad shape apparently ;) ) I had to keep making up bogus illnesses and injuries and was running out of ideas, so I told Titus I couldn't see anymore. He did a full head check up and then proceeded to screw my eyeballs in tighter. Apparently, they were "too loose." Yikes!

Then, the boys started choosing my injuries for me. Titus also went on to "cut a little bit off" of my pinky because it was too long. According to him, my pinky had been hurting a lot because of its length. ha!!

Josiah was hilarious, too. His favorite part was being the patient. The second one of them would say, "Okay, Josiah, now it's your turn to be sick," he would throw himself on the floor and lay as still as possible. Why can't I get him to do that??

Justus went so far as to make a checklist and even used some pretty fancy machinery (a calculator "hooked to" various play construction tools.) He would read my and Eli's numbers and compare the two of our conditions...complete with a chart on the magna doodle.

This all happened after each of us pretended to be monsters and took turns throwing balls into the monsters' shells (sections of our collapsible tunnel) all while screaming "like little girls." At some point, hopefully they'll decide screaming like little girls isn't too becoming ;)


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