Let's play ball!!!

Justus and Titus both have a pretty nasty cough going on, but when your kids make up 1/5 of the team, it kind of throws things off if you don't make it!! I'm glad we were there, because Justus hit his second home run of the season (which is only 2 games long so far.) They are having so much fun, and since they are getting better with each passing week, it is really fun to watch. Titus may be 4 (and the size of a 3 year old), but he keeps up with those 5 and 6 year olds...don't you worry! He runs faster than a couple of them on the team, and he can smack that ball with the little muscle he has! Almost every adult on the bleachers cheers for him, and he's not complaining about that ;)


Paula Hill said…
Love these baseball pictures! Brings back SO many precious memories! Glad to hear they are both doing so great at a sport that is very near and dear to our heart! ha! Hope the coughs get better soon! Miss you all! Love & Hugs to everyone!
Jeannine and Jill and Gary said…
Adorable boys!!

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