A Day in the Life

8:30 Come lazily out of the bedroom when Derek comes to kiss me goodbye. I love that I get the mornings off :) Lay on the couch while the boys finish their TV time. (Yes, I was still tired.)
9:00 Take Eli upstairs to change his diaper. Start today's load of laundry. Today is diapers.
9:30 Sort sea shells on the couch with the boys into small, medium, and biggest and decide which ones are our favorite. Read the same book 3 times in a row. (Feed Josiah during all of this.)

10:00 Clean up sea shells and head upstairs to build with blocks. Break up a few fights over toys along the way and declare that I am going to start putting those toys away in an effort to stop the fighting all together (yeah, I know...probably hopeless as they will find new things to fight over.)
10:30 Change Josiah's diaper and clean out his nose (he seems to be snotty this morning.) Put him in the wrap for his morning nap.
10:45 Make Justus, Titus, and Eli a snack of Pistacchios, Cashews, a Peanut Butter Cookie, and a Banana and water, of course. Lay Josiah in his bed and join in the snacking.
11:00 Make a couple Montessori activities and let the boys try them out. Do some more school.
11:30 Feed Josiah
12:00 Make smoothies for the boys along with crackers and cheese (what a lunch :) ) Lay Titus and Eli down for a nap. Put diapers in the dryer.
12:30 - 2:30 Set up some activities for Justus' quiet time (beans, more sea shell sorting, puzzles, counting and writing activities.) Head to the kitchen for MY "quiet time." This time consists of blogging, feeding Josiah and letting him hang out on my lap until he falls asleep, watching Justus walk back and forth to the bathroom (he was apparently washing some of his toys in the sink), reminding Justus this is HIS quiet time as well, talking on the phone, eating my lunch (enchiladas my hubs brought me...MMMMM), cleaning up the kitchen from everyone's lunch, making a shopping list for this afternoon, finally getting dressed for the day (HA!), work on planning home school stuff, buy a few books on Amazon :)
2:30 More TV time for Justus and Titus (way too much of that lately, I must admit!), some puzzle time, more playing with the beans
4:00 I FINISH getting myself ready for the day (even though it's more than halfway over, we still haven't left the house...and I had really hoped to do that sometime today!)
5:30 We finally get out of the house (HAHA!) and head to McDonald's to eat and play.
7:00 Leave McD's, head home (stop and grab myself something to eat, since I didn't eat Mcdonald's!)
7:30 HOME, Feed Josiah, get other 3 ready for bed, read books, brush teeth, GOODNIGHT!
8:30 Come downstairs to say hello to Derek and sit with him while he eats his dinner. Put Josiah to bed. Finish up picking up things, help Derek put up a mirror in the upstairs bathroom that he has been texturing and painting.
9:30 Watch an episode of "Prison Break" with Derek, head to bed!!!!


Jessica said…
Oh, I love "A Day in the Life" blogs! I miss those boys so much and wish I could hang out with you guys! The pictures of Josiah are awesome. I can already see how unique he is from his brothers.

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