Raising Real Men, Part 4

Moving on to chapter 5, we face the topic of discipline. I couldn't WAIT to read this chapter (only that's a lie...I did NOT go into this topic with a cheerful heart!) Lord, forgive me. I often say I have so much to learn when it comes to parenting, but on the subject of discipline?? Well, saying I have a lot to learn is quite an understatement. I often think I'm getting this discipline thing down, you know? Things are going well, my kids are behaving...and then another child hits a different phase, and we're back at square one. It's draining, to say the least. Thankfully, this chapter was full of Scripture, biblical truth, and practical ideas. Let's go...

The title of this chapter is "Who's In Charge Here?" The authors take us down the simple chain of command, reminding us how important it is for us to both realize the truth of this ourselves and also to teach our kids how this leadership thing works. First, God is the ultimate authority. God gives men (and therefore fathers) authority over families. Fathers appoint their wives as the secondary authority figures, and mothers teach their children (specifically boys) how to become leaders...thus keeping the cycle running smoothly.

Yeah, easier said than done, right? What about when dad is at work (and out of the house) way more than he is actually at home, acting out his authority-role? What about when sons rebel? What about bossy boys who want to take charge over everyone in the house?

My favorite truth in this chapter was this: a boy will respond to his mother's authority much more willingly if he knows that authority was given to his mother via his father. The simple fact is, because God has given boys a desire to "rule the roost" so to speak, they naturally have a hard time obeying, submitting to, and accepting discipline from a woman...even if it is his dear, sweet mother :)

This chapter is so full. I learned about the importance of MY submission to MY heavenly Father's authority being first and foremost, before my leadership role over my children should even be touched. I was reminded of the importance of service in all of this...serving my husband, serving my children, and teaching my sons to serve through their own leadership positions. I read about (and should probably already go back and RE-READ) dealing with my sons' disobedience and rebellion to authority.

In conclusion, I give you the quote of the week:

"...God has given men a special role as leaders, and especially as leaders of other men, that requires conscious training and development for our sons' preparation." (p. 82)

Buy the book...if only to read this chapter :)


I have been enjoying your book reviews! I am considering buying it even though I don't have sons at this point (maybe not ever!) Seems to have lots of great truths of parenting in general. BUT, please share if you know of any raising daughters books:)

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