Raising Real Men, part 6

Moving into Part Two of the book, "Civilization for the Tough," the Young's begin with "First Things" first! What do you think is the first thing involved in raising REAL men to be civilized? Deuteronomy 6:4-7 The Young's have dubbed this passage of Scripture "the basic commandment for homeschoolers." I think many homeschoolers use this passage, as well as Deut. 11:18-20, which I even have had on my homeschool blog for awhile :) To summarize the verses: Teach (these words) diligently to your children, talk of them while you sit, when you walk, when you lie down, when you rise...The foundation of the raising of our children (boys or girls) must begin here. "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength," and with all your mind (which we so often forget!!!) (Matthew 22:37)

I am so glad the Young's state this as being first, because even though, as a believer, it seems obvious, it can so easily be swept to the side. I often feel like life just takes over. How ironically awful!! If life is getting in the way of me teaching my sons about the Lord and His Word, then (quite frankly) I need to re-evaluate what our lives are being filled with! I have 4 boys ages 5 and under, and while the messes, the meal and snack fixing, and the piles and piles of laundry and fights and bruises and blood I currently live under tend to overwhelm me, I absolutely need to make sure Christ is #1 in this home. If that means stopping everything (or better yet, not beginning anything) until He is our top priority, then Amen! So be it!!

I am also glad the Young's stop to mention that just because we raise our children "in the way they should go," we are not guaranteed of any end results. To that topic, I will link to this article and leave it at that. (No need to step up on my soap box about how that verse is so misused!)

The quote for this week is a simple, yet profound one:
"Our goals are that our children would be without excuse and that we would be without regrets." (p. 130)

So...how do we follow the commandments in Deuteronomy to "teach them diligently" and how do we make God #1 in our home? By living out our walk on a daily, hourly, moment by moment basis! Use situations that arise to teach the Word, live according to Scripture, seek the Lord and allow your children to join you on the journey.

Just have to throw this in right here: I am once again convicted of letting "life" get in the way of this. It is definitely easier to just deal with a two year old's temper tantrum in whatever way possible, move on, and forget about it (until the next one, of course!) Fights and arguments can absolutely be settled very quickly through various (read: lazy) means. Whining and discontentment can also easily be appeased without stopping to teach what the Word has to say about it. BUT what a disservice I am doing! I am suffering the consequences of my laziness by not getting to the heart of these matters. My kids are suffering as well in more obvious ways. Lord, I need Your help. I need Your strength, Your patience, Your words! Teach me how to teach my children Your truth, and give me the desire and energy to take the time to reach their little hearts!

Anyway, I couldn't keep going on without confessing my short-comings....just in case someone reads this and begins to think I am perfect or something ridiculous like that!
Now we get to my favorite part of chapter 8: Family Worship

I just love the idea. I love the concept, I love the goal and purpose of this time...
but I just don't consistently do it with my kids!!!! I have read articles, books, blogs, etc. about the what/when/why/and how's of Family Worship, but I love what the Young's say is the most important part of this time: "doing it." (p. 132) That simple, and I almost quoted Nike here, but I'm going to restrain myself. I can read my children the Bible, we can sing and worship together (we have more than enough CDs to sing along to!), we already use a catechism for kids, and I am well aware of the need for specific prayer times as a family!

I realize this post is getting long...this chapter was full of good stuff! I'll add a link here to something I thought was wonderful. This checklist deals with brotherly (shall we say) affection (?) and how to handle the arguments and tattling that comes with the territory.

I've said it before, I'll say it again...get this book if you have boys (or even just one.) I could keep going on and on about this chapter, but I might wear you out...not to mention, find myself walking a fine line of plagiarism!! I seriously could quote about 75% of the book if that were legal...you should see the blue highlighter that has taken over the pages of my copy :)


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